Micro T7E with 3-or-5-Inch Scoreboard


The T7E Indicator has a built-in RS-232 connection that can be connected to a 6-digit 3- or 5-Inch display scoreboard that displays the gross weight displayed on the T7E indicator.

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Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 184 × 40 × 31 cm

T7E 3inch, T7E 5inch


• Large 51mm Bright red LED display
• Power: Rechargeable Battery / Mains
• Functions: Tare, Zero, Accumulation
• RS232 Continuous Mode
• Battery & Mains operated
• Various Capacity Set-up
• Hi-Lo function with alarm
• 3 Inch Display
• 6 Digit Display
• – Linked via RS232 from Micro T7E Indicator


• Weighing