LT1240 Panel Mount Loadcell Indicator


The LT1240 panel mount load cell indicator is a precision digital indicator for load cell and strain gauge applications.

The high bright 6-digit 14 segment LED displays make for easy setup and readability. A simple menu system with built in help hints allows for easy configuration of display and load cell settings. The load cell calibration can be done directly from the load cell calibration certificate or from using known weights / load cell simulator. A universal mains switch mode power supply (85-264VAC) is provided as standard but an optional low voltage (10- 30VDC) isolated power supply or a high voltage (25-70VDC) isolated power supply can be installed.

The LT1240 contains precision front end circuitry for high accuracy and stability. The ratiometric ADC circuitry automatically compensates for temperature drift and excitation voltage variances due to cable loss. The load cell excitation voltage is 5VDC and can interface with both 4 wire and 6 wire load cells. The LT1240 can power up to 6×350Ω load cells.

Please refer to our product datasheet for a detailed list of model features. If you have any questions or require system integration, please contact us directly.


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 25 cm



 High bright 6-digit 14 segment LED displays for easy setup and calibration
 4 or 6 wire load cell / strain gauge input
 Can power up to 6×350Ω load cells at +5VDC excitation voltage
 High precision 24 bit ratiometric ADC front end circuitry
 -199999 to +999999 display counts
 Easy calibration either from the load cell calibration certificate or by using known weights / load cell
 RS232 communications standard (MODBUS™ RTU/ASCII and an Infiniteq ASCII out protocol)
 Type 4X, NEMA 4X front panel. 96X48 ABS/Polycarbonate enclosure
 Universal mains switch mode power supply (85-264VAC) standard with built in EMI and fuse protection
 2x Programmable digital inputs (pull up or pull down field jumper selectable)
 3x Programmable front panel push buttons
 16 Point lineariser
 Auto-zero tracking function
 Automatic offset calibration
 Tare function
 Gross/net function
 Selectable/adjustable advanced digital filtering
 Motion indication and Net front panel LED status
 Up to 4 front panel LED indicators for alarm set point status (Mechanical or solid-state option required)
 Maximum/Minimum recording
 Built in menu help hints
 Field upgradable firmware via the RS232 interface
 1 Year Warranty


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