The SAS-BRIDGE is the Sasco entry-level industrial weighbridge designed to provide simple, reliable semi-digitized accuracy with the ability to easily connect the indicator with a computer loaded with Sasco ProWeigh Lite software. This weighbridge is approved in SADC regions, and currently undergoing approvals in South Africa.

What is included:

  •  18m weighbridge deck comprising 6 modules of 6m each
  • Eight robust OIML-approved Sasco S16 Cylindrical Compression load cells with a record of proven reliability
  • One Sasco AJB-10 analogue junction boxes
  • Eight robust base plates
  • Eight base plate fasteners
  • Sixteen packing plates
  • Twenty meters of fly lead from Sasco AJB-10 junction box to weighbridge cabin
  • Includes a DD700 Analogue Indicator.
  • Software

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for a detailed list of model features. If you have any questions or require system integration, please contact us directly.


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Additional information




• 24m weighbridge deck comprising 4 modules of 6m each.
• Designed for pit or above ground installation.
• Maximum capacity of 60,000kg and axle loadings of 10,000 kg per axle.
• Supplied with complete civil drawings.
• Durable OIML approved Sasco SI 1000 indicator which is housed in a steel casing
with IP65 rating.
• Ten robust OIML approved Sasco S500 cup and ball load cells with a record of
proven reliability
• Digitised weighing accuracy through the load cells being connected via Sasco SLink junction box
• All cables include plus 20m fly lead from junction to indicator in cabin
• 5 year warranty on deck.
• 12 month warranty on instrumentation
• Easy interfacing with Sasco ProWeigh Lite software (purchase separately)


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