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The LTW620 consists of 2 parts. The loadcell and a handheld unit. The load cell amplifier is built into the loadcell and contains precision circuitry which amplifies and digitizes the loadcell signal and then transmits it via a radio signal to the handheld receiver.

The handheld receiver can connect with up to 10 wireless load cells. A simple menu system allows for easy configuration of display and settings of each loadcell. The load cell calibration is easily accomplished using known weights. The handheld receiver also includes features such as a large sunlight readable backlit graphic LCD display, rechargeable batteries, user input linearisation, max/min recording, gross/ net, load cell amplifier status, battery status, signal strength etc.

Please refer to our product datasheet for a detailed list of model features. If you have any questions or require system integration, please contact us directly.


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Additional information

Weight 89 kg
Dimensions 85 × 29 × 16 cm

LTW620-10T, LTW620-20T, LTW620-30T, LTW620-50T, LTW620-100T


-Capacities 20000Kg-200000kg
-Electroless nickel plated steel.
-protection to IP66
-Ideal for suspended loads and crane weighing systems.


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